Introducing Barefootbetsy!!

I am so glad to welcome Barefootbetsy as a contributing author on Dare to Disciple! I am excited to have another Thinkin’ Momma on board here, so read her first post- Regarding Punishments- and enjoy! ❤


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Wielder of the Pen of Deep Wit.
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2 Responses to Introducing Barefootbetsy!!

  1. Welcome BarefootBetsy! It took me a few minutes to notice that Regarding Punishments was not written by GreeneGem. In fact, it was not until I got to the part about having 2 daughters that I started wondering what was going on. LOL I’m so glad to see this site growing. ❤

  2. Michelle says:

    HI! I just found your blog and I really like it. As a first time, Christian mom just learning about grace-based, attachment parenting I’m encouraged when I come across other Christians striving to live the same way. I will be coming back to your blog!

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