A letter to my Daddy

Dear Daddy,

 I am sorry you didn’t like being with me this weekend. I get really excited when you are home with Mommy and Minimus and me! J

 I know I bounce a lot, and bump into you sometimes. I just want you to know I am here, and that I like having you around. I forget you don’t like bouncing much, and I forget over and over, but I want you to be happy near me, so I do my best. I know I am big now, too heavy to hold- but I like when you used to hold me and rock me to sleep like you rock Minimus now. When I am small again, like Minimus- will you hold me more? I liked that.

I am sorry you don’t like my singing. I really love Christmas songs, don’t you! I know almost all the words- but Mommy helps me with the hard ones! I am so excited about Christmas! I talk to Mommy about it all the time, every day! Maybe you can talk to me about it too, tonight when you come home! I think maybe you don’t like Christmas- and that’s why you keep asking me to be quiet. I will ask Mommy about that, sometime. Maybe if I practice my nice singing, you won’t tell me to be quiet anymore.

Daddy, I didn’t mean to spill the water when I was helping you pour it into the Christmas tree stand. I didn’t dump it on purpose, I promise! I tried to do it just like you did, but the cup was heavy, and my arm is very short. The needles on the tree are picky; don’t they pick your skin when you water the tree? I really love our tree- it smells nice, and I like the paper ornaments that Mommy says I can move around. I am practicing so I can help better next year.

Can you read a story to me when you come home? We used to read books all the time. I want you to read ‘Hop on Pop’ and ‘There’s a Woset in my Closet’ and ‘Curious George’. When you are small like a baby and I am big like a big Daddy- I can read to you. Mommy says I will be able to read anything I want to some day. Maybe we can go to the library tomorrow! Don’t be mad when I say I want Mommy to take us to the library, I like when she takes us because she doesn’t get mad at us when we forget the rules. I will try to remember better! Will you read to me tonight?

Daddy can I tell you one more thing? You are very tall. And your shouts are very loud. Sometimes when you don’t like me, I get scared of you. Why do you yell? I don’t know the words you use. What’s ‘deliberty’? Please don’t be mad at me tonight? I like when you like me.
 I love you Daddy! Maybe when Christmas comes you can be happy…



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7 Responses to A letter to my Daddy

  1. Atarah says:

    moved me to tears, too. thanks for your words, Maximus.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Emotional propaganda. Who falls for this BS? If you’ve got a point to make, make it, but don’t put it in the mouth of some hypothetical, saccharine-sweet pretend kid to make it tug at the heart strings of the easily manipulated. the only thing you’re missing is a lisp and an illustration of a doe-eyed little urchin hugging a teddy bear, with mean ol’ dad towering over him.

    • greenegem says:

      Actually Maximus does have a speech issue- but I’m sure you didn’t intend to insult my son on purpose. 😉

      I wrote this post about the very real dynamic that exists between Max and his daddy, my husband. Emotional? oh- definitely. Propaganda? no, and in fact this post doesn’t have anything to do with spanking per se- it has more to do with how our parent’s unrealistic expectations of us shape our attitudes toward our own children.


  3. TealRose says:

    I think this is a very good demonstration of how children think and act – and are misunderstood! I remember a LONG way back … I am an oddity I have discovered ! .. and there were so many things that I did that daddy and mummy just … didn’t understand. Like the spilling of water or milk just like Maximus. It’s a completely different world being a small child !!

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. I see myself and my son in this. I forget that my “big boy” is still a baby and he is still learning. I expect way too much maturity from him most of the time. I might have to print this letter and read it daily so that I remember what my son is feeling.

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