I welcome comments and questions about what I write. I am just a thinking Momma- I do not claim any special authority, either spiritual or secular. I simply write about my life, what I experienced as a child, and what I have experienced with my children. Take what I say with a grain (or several) of salt.  This blog is as much for me as it is for you. Hard questions help me clarify and define my thoughts and give me perspective on my conclusions. 🙂

I greatly appreciate those who take the time and energy to write detailed and respectful comments and questions and I thank You! ❤  I am not offended in the slightest by disagreement; I know everyone who reads this will have different backgrounds, and kids!

Having said that, you should all understand that my comments are set up on ‘moderate’ which simply means Betsy and I can decide whether or not yours show up. Insulting, slanderous, hateful, or sarcastic comments will not be approved for display.

If you feel you must send me a personal word, and you cannot write it respectfully, you may write me as many nasty emails as you please. You can reach me at


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