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On God our Father

My baby turns 10 months old today. He has been walking, unsteadily, for about a week. He was taking 2 or 3 steps for a couple of weeks before that. Last Tuesday evening, I saw a change in his thinking. … Continue reading

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Myth Busting 10: Newborns can’t smile

My third child, now 9 months old, was not very happy about being born. It was a lovely calm home birth in water. According to the ‘rules’ he should have been calm, staring into my eyes with fascination and then, … Continue reading

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Approval Ratings

‘Good’. What does that word mean? I mean specifically in the phrase, ‘good mother’ or ‘good parent’. I could look up the definition of the word ‘good’ and still have no idea what it means to be a good mother. … Continue reading

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My journey toward Grace-based Parenting begins.

My journey toward a peaceful parenting approach began before I ever had any kids. In fact, it probably began before I could even talk, with the first time my Mother smacked my fingers as a baby. As a BABY- You … Continue reading

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